Rastinak Bornd


Age: 65
Gender: Male
Race: Dwarf


Rastinak is a great, great, great grandson of Eram Bornd, the former leader and High Priest of Kord that led the churches against magic in what later become known as the “Arcane Annihilation.” Like Eram, Rastinak teaches that all magic is to be feared (unless given by God), that it is dangerous whether it is wielded properly or not, and that it will eventually corrupt even the purest of heart.
Rastinak is a charismatic dwarf, a great orator, and a willing leader. He is also a fine axeman and healer.
He has a tendency to speak in black and white, right and wrong, good and evil. There is no room for gray with Rastinak.
He has become quite paranoid lately, and there have been jokes about him wearing his armor even to bed. If he does venture out in Grayvist, he ALWAYS has a contingent of bodyguards (at least 6), and his right hand man, the Righteous Callax.

Rastinak Bornd

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