Families and Factions

Families and Factions of Grayvist

In light of the recent earthquake that tipped the scales of power in Arches and Dovent, the following guilds have arisen, each with their own agendas. Six of the most prominent houses, part of the wealthy elite, have also survived as patrons to causes people are rallying behind.

Active Organizations

The Hand of Kord
An offshoot of the official Church of Kord, this group of individuals follows the mandate of Eram Bornd, a High Priest from hundreds of years ago. Seeks eradication of arcane power.

The Untethered
Seeing psionic power as an affront to individual sovereignty, this group seeks the eradication of psionic power.

The Builders
Organization dedicated to the building up of Grayvist as the apex of civilization. Sees all of nature as a tool for mankind. Seeks eradication of primal power.

House Darcy
Recent events have caused the Honorable Stellian Darcy to speak out against “the evils of the wild energies.” Seeks eradication of all energies: arcane, psionic, and primal.

Sisters of Sunset
An interfaith organization of women whose zealousness leads them to champion the cause of the pantheon. Seeks eradication of all non-divine energies.

House Helmark
An ancient house of Dovent whose current matriarch, Telsa Helmark, seeks to control the arcane currents running wild through Grayvist. Seeks sole control over arcane power.

The Bronze and the Amber
Founded by immigrants, this organization views psionic power as a danger in the hands of the untrained. Seeks sole control over psionic power.

The Cresting Wave
This organization views nature as a means to an end and feels Grayvist has gotten too reliant on civilization. Seeks sole control over primal power.

House Nochter
A rare pureblooded family of Tieflings, the Nochter clan, under the guidance of Lord Volarus Nochter, has for hundreds of years held considerable arcane power. They see themselves as stewards of the arcane energies. Seeks dominance of arcane power.

House Lendess
A family of Elan living in Arches, their age is unknown. They see the power of psionic energy being the way to best help Grayvist. Seeks dominance of psionic power.

A mysterious group of druids who seeks to renew the “Grayvist of old.” Seeks dominance of primal power.

House Brius
The Brius family has had their hands in various churches for hundreds of years. Vechre Brius, the patriarch, sees that the affairs of many temples work in his favor. Seeks dominance of divine power.

House Penzon
A family of extremely gifted scholars, Drayver Penzon runs a sizeable library out of his house. Seeks knowledge of psionic power.

The Opal Light
This organization has been in existence for over 80 years, but recently membership has dwindled as their task has become increasingly difficult. Seeks balance of all energies.Frat

Extremely secretive group of anarchists. Sows chaos among all energies.

The Children of Fire
Kalnag Thunderfoot, a dwarf, believes himself to be a god named “Onatar” and believes that fire is the source of all life.

Inactive Organizations

The Unblinking Eye
Led by the Wise Council, this organization is made up of various formerly autonomous arcane societies who have come together in this time of peril. Seeks knowledge of arcane power. Wiped out by the Hand of Kord.

Families and Factions

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