Grayvist Calendar

Grayvist Calendar


First month; patron deity is Pelor. Begins on Summer Solstice, known as Pelor’s Countenance. Very important celebration day for most human nations; beginning of the calendar year. Summer planting season begins. Traditionally, people generate lists of Ten Kindnesses to do throughout the year.

Second month; patron deity is Bahamut. Many worshippers of Bahamut will forego any accrual of wealth for some or all of Ifferen, instead giving it to the poor. Ifferen 15th is the Day of Forgiveness where people seek to reconcile with one another. Debts can be officially forgiven or a person can simply bury the hatchet with someone who wronged them.

Third month; patron deity is Melora. Maiden voyages overwhelmingly start in this month. Worshippers of Melora and most elves typically spend a week in silence, reflecting on her bounty and listening to her voice. Renewal Day is on the 34th of Senden when entire communities will plant trees and flowers.


Fourth month; patron deity is Sehanine. Begins on Autumnal Equinox. Bountiful harvests typically attributed to her. Lovers’ Moon is celebrated during any full moon in the month of Volteln. It is an all-night celebration of life and love. Celebrants traditionally try to find someone to kiss, if not more. If there is no full moon during the month, it is instead celebrated on the 1st.

Fifth month; patron deity is Kord. Worshippers of Kord will often engage in feats of strength during this month. Vast amounts of tournaments are held in Hildineln. The 12th day of the month is known as the Day of Challenge and men often challenge one another in combat, typically wagering money or services for victory. Daughters’ hands are sometimes won in this manner.


Sixth month; patron deity is Erathis. Begins on Winter Solstice. Tenuar 1st is known as Builders’ Bounty and people will work together to repair and rebuild their cities and towns. Elected officials are sworn in on this day. Worshippers of Erathis will devote a majority of this month to rebuilding the cities in which they live.

Seventh month; patron deity is Moradin. The 21st—28th is known as the Forge Festival and is a weeklong celebration of craft, family, and ale. Smiths will unveil their finest works during this time and most large cities sponsor drinking contests, ale tastings, and people recount the deeds of their ancestors.

Eighth month; patron deity is Ioun. The month is devoted to learning and study in many civilizations. People will begin the month by asking three questions they don’t know the answer to and spend the month seeking them out. The 36th of the month is known as the Day of Answers and people will share the things they learned with their families and close friends. Ioun’s followers will spend three days during the month blindfolded to understand greater how Ioun reveals knowledge to all and further gain insight into their own minds.


Ninth month; patron deity is Corellon. Begins on the Vernal Equinox, known as Rebirth Day. The Rebirth Festival is extremely popular and includes music performances, magic shows, and an abundance of wine. Worshippers of Corellon will dedicate this month to bringing about beauty in whatever way they can, be it through music, poetry, craft, cooking, or simply kindness.

Tenth month; patron deity is Avandra. Travelers’ Day takes place on the 18th and the traditional celebration is to go somewhere one has never been before. Pilgrimages to great cities are often concluded on this day and tourism thrives during the entire month. All people spend this month reflecting on where they’ve gone in the world and in their lives during Ollamas. The 36th of Ollamas is Avandra’s Departure and people say goodbye to the year and prepare for a new journey. Worshippers of Avandra often travel as much as possible during the entire month of Ollamas.

Grayvist Calendar

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