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The City of Grayvist

Grayvist, known also as The Great City, City of Birds, and, less commonly, Erathis’ Throne, is a sprawling, self-governed city-state in the Vistarin region. A destination for those seeking opportunity to gain a name for themselves in business or trade, Grayvist is also a den of thieves and brigands.

A Count Palatine and his/her Grand Committee rule Grayvist. It is a plutarchy, a combination of plutocratic and oligarchical systems. The Grand Committee is made up of Counts from each ward, each representing the interests of his/her ward. The Counts are granted authority based upon the net value of their holdings. Simply put, the one with the most money rules Grayvist. For this reason, the wealthy enjoy abundance, trade rules the day, and the poor have next to nothing.

The current Count Palatine is a man named Altrius Devair. He is the first Count Palatine to come from Lahoré in over 80 years. His family made a fortune in the trade of exotic goods from distant lands with a vast array of trading vessels.

In addition to the Grand Committee, there is a powerful Guildhall that directs trade within the city. Because of its huge influence on the lives of the merchant class, its members are typically in the pocket of at least one Count. There is an Alderman for each guild, serving as the guild’s spokesman at the Guildhall, and the lead Alderman is known as the Mayor of Grayvist. The current Mayor of Grayvist is Tendamien Berneth, Alderman of the Goldsmiths Guild.

The city is broken down into seven wards: Arches, Dovent, Starling, Lahoré, The Barb, Swift, and The Tumbles. They got their names as the city grew more reliant on the messenger pigeons that are now a trademark of the city. Each is named for the type of pigeon that is used to send messages within the district (Archangel, Dove, Starling, Lahore, Barb, Swift, Tumbler).

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