The Impetus and the Chaos

The Impetus and the Chaos

Last year, the City of Birds was ravaged by a powerful earthquake. Hundreds were killed and thousands were injured. The great guilds and old houses came together to fund the restoration of Grayvist in a great show of magnanimity—in reality, it was to gain further influence within the seven Wards. The restoration moved forward and the mood was optimistic among the citizenry.

That is, until the Chaos came.

The earthquake soon became known instead as the Impetus. Energies of all kinds—arcane, psionic, primal, and divine—began to flow through people who otherwise were unremarkable. This has become known as the Chaos, a time of confusion and danger for the citizens of Grayvist.

The energies that have converged on Grayvist have a variety of effects on people. For some, it’s an awakening of latent talent that can be cultivated for good or for ill. Some merely gain a minute ability such as basic telepathy—reading the emotions of those around them or maybe the occasional thought. With others, however, the changes were more obvious: some became conduits of vast power, blasting lightning from their fingertips at a whim; minds opened up to everything around them, hearing every thought—causing some less fortitudinous minds to break; others underwent physical transformations, taking on animal characteristics, skin made of ice, and others losing physical form altogether. Many have died and those left without any awakening feel a wide range of emotions including envy, anger, and fear.

The cause of the influx of energies is still unknown. Organizations like the Opal Light are currently working to uncover the truth, but they have made little headway. Some are trying to shape the energies to improve their wealth, social standing, and power over others. Some have even declared war on a particular energy source, seeing the practitioners of certain powers to be the cause of the Chaos.

The Impetus has forever changed the landscape of Grayvist and people have stepped in to stake their claim on power. With factions vying for power in the new economy of energy, where do you fit in?

The Impetus and the Chaos

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