The Seven Wards

The wealthiest of the seven wards, Arches is named not only for the Archangel Pigeon, but also for the iconic “arches” that shadow its streets. The bridges from building to building are an architectural marvel and also serve the purpose of raising its citizens above the filth that once collected on the streets below—before their installation.
Prominent People:
Kahlia-Ayvent, Countess of Arches. Prominent banker.
Prominent Locations:
The Court of All Justice (temple of Erathis)
The Athenaeum (temple of Ioun)
Seven Arches Opera House
The Fountains
The Palatine’s Menagerie
Grayvist Keep
Mostly human.

Dovent, known by many as the spiritual center of Grayvist, is another very wealthy district. The Cathedral of Light is constructed entirely of white quartz and is a destination for Pelor’s followers from the world over every Pelor’s Countenance.
Prominent People:
Wellichre Brius, Count of Dovent and Dawn’s First Light. Leader of the Church of Pelor. Well-fed and venerable.
Telsa Helmark, matriarch of the venerable House Helmark. Hoarding wealth. Rumors persist of her capturing and imprisoning users of the Arcane Arts.
Prominent Locations:
The Cathedral of Light (temple of Pelor)
Platinum Tower (temple of Bahamut)
Dove’s Call Cemetery
Quèléth (famous elven restaurant)
The Salons (concert hall)
Mostly human, interspersed with wealthy gnomes.

Starling is a bustling, mercantile district. It is home to the Dwarven Lower, almost an entire ward in its own right, dug into the earth beneath Starling. The Dwarven Lower is home to all of the dwarven guilds and a good many of the gnomish ones. Starling is a moderately wealthy district.
Prominent People:
Tequis Vel, Count of Starling. Prominent jeweler.
Grenni Kezzurek, Alderman of the Armorsmiths Guild
Prominent Locations:
Dwarven Lower
The Great Hearth (temple of Moradin)
Hammerhome (dwarven smithing academy)
Graymarket (largest marketplace in Grayvist)
The Guildhall
Human with sprawling dwarven district and gnomish pockets as well.

Lahoré is a peninsula that reaches out into the Vistar River. The Shipwrights Guild and the Fishmongers Guild control the Mooring in equal measure, embroiled in constant competition. The two guilds are made up primarily of elves from the Tines, an elven district situated on the smaller outcroppings of land from Lahoré that resemble a buck’s antlers.
Prominent People:
Syvolden Thalianas, Count of Lahoré. Elf with international lumber holdings.
Prominent Locations:
The Thousand Boughs (temple of Melora)
The Crescent (temple of Sehanine)
The Mooring
Viantas Museum
The Daybreak Inn
Human with a prominent elven presence.

The Barb
The Barb is the largest of the seven wards. The Gray Shields, the military police of Grayvist, are headquartered here, and for that reason it has a lower crime rate than the other six wards. There is a larger half-orc presence here than in other districts because they serve the Gray Shields in higher than typical numbers. Additionally, dragonborn are sought out to serve the ranks of the Gray Shields because of their superior strength and discipline.
Prominent People:
Tennick Darl, Count of The Barb. Owns weaponsmithing company.
Gadden Vuse, Captain of the Guard. Close ties to Count Darl.
Prominent Locations:
The Gauntlet (temple of Kord)
Grayvist Coliseum
Geardly Racecourse
Mostly human with a contingent of half-orcs and dragonborn.

Swift is home to many of Grayvist’s commoners and boasts little wealth. It is a comfortable spot for travelers and a destination for the peasantry, but there is a criminal element not found in the wealthiest districts. The Coppercade is a well-known carnival with jesters, magicians, and sideshows.
Prominent People:
Tennavia Delnari, Countess of Swift. Prominent trader of rare fabrics.
Prominent Locations:
The Common Room (temple of Avandra)
The Amphitheater (temple of Corellon)
The Coppercade (carnival)
The Galleria (outdoor mall/eatery)
Human with a healthy halfling population.

The Tumbles
The Tumbles is the poorest and most dangerous ward. Home to cutthroats and rabble-rousers, the wealthy in Grayvist visit only in the direst of times. There is an extensive black market if one knows where to look and plenty of cheap brothels. Tieflings congregated early in The Tumbles and have become marginalized by Grayvist’s upper classes. The Tumbles boasts no temples, but prayers to the Raven Queen are often heard. Usually one of these “Queen’s Prayers” is followed by silence…
Prominent People:
Zele Noran, Count of The Tumbles and Alderman of the Fletchers Guild. Unscrupulous.
Prominent Locations:
Tona’s (a famous brothel)
The Fifth Jack (a well-known casino)
The Plucked Flower (an “inn” of low regard)
Vor Kraghall (ancestral home of House Nochter)
Human with a large Tiefling population and many other minorities.

The Seven Wards

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