Rumors of Grayvist

Nocther's Embers: Part 2

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Hayden: Part 1

“It is better to be dead in Dovent than alive in the Tumbles.”

It is two days before the “Counting,” the 34th of Ollamas.
Volarus, Amnon, Novakri, Praesidium, and Vikros of Nochter (the Infernus Nochtrum) are at Vor Kraghall.
Volarus says, “I think my chances are good this year. The counting should go well.”
There is some discussion of other competitors, including Gable West and Zele Noran. Praesidium is mostly ignored.
There are a number of organizations who have donated to the Nochter House:
• The Black Bird Tavern, from the bartender Bilt.
• The Church of Pelor gave 10,000 gold (Merle Draggin – perhaps connected with them).
• The Tumbles branch of the Penzon library. It was donated by Old Man Goras.
• Marcus, a captain of the Gray Shields from Starling.

Eltin Nochter runs in with grave news – the dragonborn Gray Shields have entered New Minath.
The party heads there, only to find out (it is pointed out by Praesidium) that the dragonborn aren’t real; they are illusions. We dispel them quickly and easily.
Vikros believes that this encounter may have been a lure to get the Infernus Nochtrum away from Vor Kraghall! We start to head back immediately.
Praesidium tries to take a shortcut and runs on to a road that is not well paved. He tries to navigate his way back quickly, using his endurance to keep pace.
Navokri runs in to a large crowd. He clears them by threatening their death.
Vikros is stopped by a young student who wants to ask him about House Nochter. Vikros convinces the student to continue his studies, but also to leave him alone at the moment.
Amnon gets his purse stolen by a small girl. He gets distracted and chases her around before being reprimanded by Vikros.

When we return to the house, we find the door ajar and fallen tieflings inside, including Volarus. He says, “Eltin…what have you done…?” He dies.

Hot Nights at Helmark: Part 3

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Hot Nights at Helmark: Part 2

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Hot Nights at Helmark: Part 1
A Journey Into Reetha's Secretive Organization

Tine has sent a letter to each of these recruits:
Drewander is accosted by beggars on the way to the meeting! They will not let him pass. He attempts to intimidate them and move through – roll intimidate (3). They continue their begging!

Callidus runs in to Laryatha on the way to the meeting. She wants to talk his ear off, ask him a million questions, and invite him to come see her sing again. He attempts to placate her – roll diplomacy (12). She relents, but barely.

Darrak is in a drinking contest at the Tipsy Halfling, against the halfling champion. He drinks him under the table, no problem, and a new champion! – roll endurance (24).

When the first two arrive at the safehouse, Callidus initially criticizes Darrak, then closes the door on him. Darrak, in a drunken state, tries to ram it down. Neither of these things impress Reetha, who shushes them and tells them to sit. When Drew enters minutes later, Reetha reprimands him harshly.

Reetha then explains the contents of the letter that each received from Tine:
“"You have a special mission. This will be a test to gauge your talents, and this process will help determine your advancement among our guild.
Report to Reetha Meredith Stasi V. She will fill you in on further details. You can find her in Dovent at our secure location, tonight, 2200.
Your failure to do so will result in removal, and possible more severe consequences.
- T"

She will inform them that they are going to be staking out a location in Dovent. There will be a contact there that the PM thinks has been influenced/compromised by an outside party. They are to apprehend and then interrogate that contact.
Before they see him enter his place of residence, they will see him receive a package from a courier bird. It appears to be a book.

We sneak up and apprehend him. Luhkas is fearful at best, terrified at worst. We take him back to the safehouse.
We take the book from him. The book is Lihuenan’s Tales. Reetha remembers – roll history (23) – Similar to the book about his travels, this is a memoir written afterward, his reflections and musings about the meaning of his journeys. It is bookmarked at the chapter titled, “Classism, Wealth, and the Future.” In this chapter, Lihuenan states that he thinks Grayvist will go in a downward spiral if the distribution of wealth continues in its disparity. He believes that an assassination of a leader will lead to a revolt, and then the redemption of the moral state of Grayvist.
The bookmark itself is also important – it is a piece of black cloth with the symbol of a skeletal bird – from a small dining hall and tavern in the Tumbles, the Black Bird.
Drewander recalls a story of Lihuenan and his travels to the Forgotten Plains, where he encountered and defeated giants by throwing rocks with his mind. He earned the name, “Mental Giant.” Darrak feels differently about Lihuenan. He believes the stories may or may not even be true, but might have just been written for the purpose of gaining fame.
Inside Luhkas’ doublet, we locate a parchment. It says,
“You have done a good job so far earning the trust of the Helmark House. Your penetration is inherent to the job that will be done. Continue this work, and you will live. The most crucial relationship to build is the one with Naomi Helmark. Remember that she is starting to align herself away from her mother and the house. Gain her confidence in any way you can.
- Stalker"

After we find this letter, Luhkas eventually reveals that S’qua was the one who gave him the initial letter. He also discloses that every pigeon since the first letter has come from the Tumbles. After some discussion, we convince him that we will keep him safe, as long as he continues to do the work of PMg while at the same time working for the Stalker, and telling us all information he gains. He agrees.
For the first time Luhkas smiles and Reetha escorts him to the door. As she opens it, though, Luhkas takes a crossbow bolt to the forehead and dies instantly. On the bolt is a note that says,
“Mind your business. Stay out of mine.

Darrak and Drewander head out to investigate immediately. We find ourselves head to head against a pair of gnomes (unarmed), a razorclaw shifter (battleaxe and shield), and a human (barbed spear). All of them are wearing dark robes with the symbol of a broken arrow – the markings of the group that calls themselves the “Fracture.”

Drewander immediately recognizes the symbol and explains that the Fracture is a group of anarchists (From Families and Factions – “Fracture: Extremely secretive group of anarchists. Sows chaos among all energies.”)

They don’t stand a chance. Seriously, BLADESONG + an action point owns them. We do non-lethal damage to the human then drag him back in to the safehouse.

To be continued…

Firebrand Part 3
Wednesday, February 20th

Firebrand Part 3: Out of the Library, Out of the City

With the help of Naomi Helmark, Moragan, Soul, and Samm have discovered a hidden tome outlining the family history of her House. Drayver Penzon, the curator of the library, is with them in his private study….

Firebrand Part 2
Wednesday, February 13th

Firebrand Part 2: The Penzon Library

Wednesday, February 13th

Last time, Moragan’s associates from Firebrand, seeing the writing on the wall, broke him out of captivity, fighting Garzsh, the Tiefling enforcer, along the way. They made their way to Penzon Library, where Moragan met Naomi Helmark for the first time….


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