Moragan "The Sorrow"

Moragan "The Sorrow
Race: Teifling
Class: Ardent

Moragan was born to a poor, but proud family within the walls of The Tumbles. Moragan’s
father would always remind him that they were descendants of powerful nobles during the
times when the city of Bael Turath was of great power. Oceans of time have passed since the
days of Bael Turath and with it, much of its history, but his father would always hold on to that truth.

Moragan had to grow up tough. Many races distrusted Tieflings due to their appearance and the lives they live. “Demon” and “Half-fiend” are just a few of the names Moragan grew up hearing. Over the years Moragan had learned to use psionic abilities and would often use his appearance to his advantage.

Moragan and his family had always lived poor, but there was one particular year that was
harder than the rest. Being familiar with the black market, Moragan had gotten involved with
a dangerous underground guild (Dornigans Co.), hoping to make enough money to keep his
family going. Moragan agreed to a job that consisted of robbing specific houses throughout
Grayvist. Unfortunately, word got out that it was that specific guild that was responsible for
the robberies. To protect themselves the guild ratted out Moragan, putting all the blame on
him. Moragan was sentenced to 5 years imprisonment. Disgracing his family, Moragan’s father
disowns him and vows to never speak to his son again. Finishing his sentence, Moragan goes to
the house he grew up in and finds it boarded up and vacant. Throughout the 5 years Moragan was in prison, his family slowly withered away. Taking up residence in his old home, Moragan starts over, living alone and a life of bitterness. Over the years, Moragan became Moragan “The Sorrow”

Moragan currently distributes ale to several inns throughout Grayvist. He often spends his
time at Hansom Birks, a tavern that he distributes too. The owner is an old fat human named
Duncan Birk. Duncan enjoys Moragan’s company and especially enjoys Moragnans product. Not
intimidated by Moragan’s appearance, the two can speak freely about politics and the market.
Moragan considers Duncan his one and only friend.

The company Moragan works for is named after their top ale they sell, Firebrick. They like
Moragan because he’s quiet, good at his job, and they assume bandits will think twice before
mugging a Tiefling!

Moragan "The Sorrow"

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